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After years of exposure to antique tribal & Asian art created by the indigenous peoples from around the world, I set out one day with my camera on a curious hunt. I wanted to see if I could find similar images on the surface of our earth, sculpted by Mother Nature. I began my first trek in the unique forty six mile chain of volcanic peaks and ridges of the Santa Monica mountain range, noted to be from 12 to 200 million years old. This is a gloriously ancient mountain range that geologists say has disappeared into the sea and reemerged again on more than one occasion. Over time, I have indeed found many haunting and powerful ancient images all over this beautiful earth that we live on. One of those magnificent natural sculptures is entitled “The Shaman,” found in the "Primitive Nature" collection. I invite you to visit the collection to see and feel the significant power of its presence.

It was early on in that initial hunt however, while scouring the Topanga Canyon area one day, that I unexpectedly happened upon the image of a Vagina. The recognition of that image gave birth to my “Erotic Nature,” collection and from then on - all of my forthcoming photographic collections. I was astounded that such a profoundly similar human likeness could even be found in nature. For me it was a stunning reflection, which then led me to a moment of clarity; a kind of circular in nature, spiritual understanding, which underscored an ancient and profound concept…..We are One with Nature and Nature is One with us.

After a lifetime of chanting incantations to see things differently, I find it inspiring that this single incantation, which has never failed to assist me when experiencing perceptual challenges, has now liberated me from the frustrating angst of a creative impotence rooted in what seemed like a barren imagination at the time. In that one mindful, artistic moment there suddenly seemed no doubt in my mind: I had been handed a sacred and transitional gift. For now relieved, I shall be eternally grateful.

j. Madison Rink

Artist, SAM McBride,

Artist, SAM McBride,

Charter Member of Women in Photography 

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