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The Velocity

of this vehicular emotion

lifts unprepared feet

into turbulent flight
a shocking sight

the terror of great plight
through the emohistory of madness

for all the badness being done out there
Yet one day
scattered thoughts will line up
old memories will dawn faces

in strange, yet orderly places
and all will appear crystal clear

in reflection
let us grant a genuflection

for this gentler
still mighty giant

j. Madison Rink

Fall to Grace

in my frantic efforts
to ascend
beyond stubborn perceptions
I have fallen
And hurt myself again

Constrained to lie still
and in conscious repose
I rest my thoughts upon the earth

It was then
I could see

The tree

It stands tall
in one place
expressing itself

While muscular, fecund roots
burrow deep into earth’s center
for refreshment

j. Madison Rink


Circles and mirrors
Mirrors and circles
I see
you turn

as we
so churn
and learn

as One

© j. Madison Rink

I must

Pull out
of this turmoil
as blanket
of clouds

I must

Stand tall
Be bold
Icy cold

I’m erect


© j. Madison Rink

A winter flower
however slight
spawns beauty
in love or light

© j. Madison Rink

Your Picture

I wish I’d never seen it
as it all became so real
I felt my body waken
and my heart begin to feel
My soul yearned to believe again
New thoughts took flight with zeal
Yet you were gone, like the rest of them
And I’d promised myself to heal

© j. Madison Rink


I feel

like a woman


without jewelry

at risk
in this imagined world

of judgments and rage
desires to cage
manipulate and control
what it can

So be it
I stand before thee

There will be no cowering
this time

Instead I shall pass
with a knowing


in a tethered

© j. Madison Rink

I’m seeking

I’ll catch
that mental ring

the one leading
to life

© j. Madison Rink

The Time
the place
will arrive
with smile
on face

© j. Madison Rink

The spiraling glow
shall forever flow
having done so

© j. Madison Rink


I sense the drifting,
safe distance
between us

© j. Madison Rink

Come back to me

Feathering my bed with honey dust
I prepare myself for thee
lying naked
in breathtaking wait

Satin pillows so soft
with cool, silken sheets
slithering tactilely
across my chest

Embracing myself
I twitter and writhe
fondling thoughts
of your ripened touch

Birds sing, minds soar
wings spread
breaking thread
rising high beyond sentient body lust

With our kiss
we soar
then irrefutably dive
into bittersweet, destined, coalesce

I sigh
You cry
as we blissfully fly
and our souls seeking travel move on

I want you again
do come when you can
Must I taunt you
with fervor and zeal

Perhaps one more thrust
causing passionate lust
for your warm
and mischievous smile

© j. Madison Rink

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