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I christened this magnificent natural sculpture with its name, “The Shaman” because as you see, there is the appearance of a tribal mask emerging from the left of this photograph. As well, another rather other earthly face peering out from behind. And as if by magic, it is mysterious to realize; upon further viewing these two, separate faces merge together to create ONE, powerfully primitive face. A Shaman’s bridge to the perfect balance of yin and yang. The reflection of a return from a once imposed journey into the underbelly of darkness, where great understanding of a primal healing knowledge is found.

j. Madison Rink

“…..textiles often get me in the knees - jewelry in my heart……but the image of this Shaman is so powerful - hits me right in the middle of my solar plexus!!”

Lee J. Chinalai
Tribal & Asian art collector, dealer, writer, curator.

“.....a mysterious and strange, even macabre and threatening image..... powerful!”

Thomas Murray
Tribal & Asian art collector, dealer, writer, curator and Contributing Editor,
HALI Magazine


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